Car fell off jack while trying to fix a flat tire. Collision of comprehensive insurance?

A few nights ago, when coming home from work, I hit a good sized pot hole on a highway and wound up damaging a new tire (about 200 miles on it) and getting a flat. I pull off the side of the off ramp (only place I could go to safely work on the car) to change the flat. The area was dirt and rocks and long story short, after loosening the lugs on the wheel and jacking the car up, the jack slipped out and the car fell onto the jack and damaged the rocker panel and side skirt. I called to open a comprehensive claim and the adjuster told me this falls under a collision claim as my car “collided” with the jack. This sounds like complete BS to me. I was not in the car, the car was not moving, and there wasn’t another vehicle within a 500 yards of me. My comp deductible is much less and I don’t want my rates to go up. Damage was estimated at about 700.00. How is something like this classified with insurance?

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2 thoughts on “Car fell off jack while trying to fix a flat tire. Collision of comprehensive insurance?

  1. From my understanding, it’s only a comp claim if the damage was caused by something you had no control over. For example if a branch fell out of a tree.

    Since you did have control over this situation (although I know it was difficult circumstances) I would say this is a collision claim.

  2. Yep, as strange as it sounds, it can be classed as collision.
    I had a client put comprehensive on his car, which he garaged for the winter. He chose to pull the motor. The motor slipped and smucked against the car. He had no coverage. Again, that was a collision.
    Drive a snowmobile across a frozen river, and have it fall through the ice – comprehensive. However, if your snowmobile hit a bump, then broke through the ice when it landed – collision!
    Your car collided with something and was damaged, dem’s da rules.

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