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Ok, I advertised my guitar on craigslist, and I got a message with the following:

Hello ,

I would love to buy your item,i am okay with the price ,all i wanna know if it’s still in good conditions for use and if you’re willing to accept a certified cashier check or personal check as a form of payment because that is the only way i can make payment available for the item .I want this transaction to be fast so if you’re okay with my form of payment kindly get back with the following information ‘s for me to issue the payment to you immediately:

Full name… Full address…. City… State… Zip code… phone number…

as soon as i receive the requires details from you i will immediately instruct my secretary to proceed with the issuance of the $ 150 to your name and mailed to your address. And also,, don’t worry about the pick up, i know a forwarding courier services here that will pick it up. And it would be done after you’ve got your check cashed. I will be waiting for your response soonest as i want the item as soon as possible. I am really interested because i want to get it for my in law who would be celebrating his birthday soonest ,i wouldn’t want to loose it because this is like a surprise package for my inlaw so i wouldn’t mind a $ 70 extra for you for the item so you can be able to hold the item for me and also tell other interested parties that it has been sold .if this is okay with get back with the information today , please do not give me P O BOX address only home address because am using Ups service to send this payment out so home address only thanks .



I replied saying Alright, gave him my info, and he sent me another E-mail with the following:

Hi Adam,
How are you doing, Hope everything is going on fine .As a matter of fact the
deal is on and the check has been sent out to you (Info containing my contact information)

it will arrive by mail in the next couple of days).So the payment should arrive in a short while from now.And once you get it,i guess you know how to handle everything, and please dont bother about any other buyer for the ITEM, I have included the pick up agents fee to yours, making it $ 2500 because i am traveling to today because of my wife who is on business trip and she is about to deliver a baby so i have to go and stay with her and the agent is also helping me get some things for the birthday party and for my wife and new baby, so i will be back very soon.I included the pickup agent fee because he is not in town now and he said he shall be back in the next few days so when you have the check deduct your own fee and have the remaining money sent to him through Western Union Money Transfer or MoneyGram International that same day immediately after cashing it so that he can come for the pick up.So when you have the check, take it to to your bank and have it cashed immediately so as to fasten the transaction,like i promised earlier you will deduct the $ 70 i promised you. mail me ASAP so as to let me know i can trust you handle this with care and to confirm if the information on the check is correct.Thanks for your trust and understanding in this transaction. and also please send me the map quest to your location.
Thanks, I probably would have went through the deal.

6 Thoughts on Can someone help me decipher some messages on Craigslist? Is this a scam?
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    November 15, 2011 at 4:07 pm

    That’s an old scam. They make you pay the courier, and then the check he gave you bounces. You just paid him your own money and gave him a guitar. Wait until a check comes and make sure it clears. It probably won’t.

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    Katie W
    November 15, 2011 at 4:21 pm

    Sounds like a scam. Having you immediately WIRE money on to someone else from a cashed check just reeks of a bad check; once you wire it, it’s gone. This is very popular with scam artists. Far too many details and “extra money for the bother” and things to make him sound important (“my secretary” … but can only send a check?) just add to the scam.

    If you want to watch him disappear, tell him you can’t wire until the check CLEARS — which takes days to confirm and transfer funds — and if he wants his friend to get the money faster, he needs to do it directly.

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    November 15, 2011 at 4:57 pm

    Sounds like a scam to me.

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    Michael B
    November 15, 2011 at 5:19 pm

    This is a scam. You will cash the check, it will bounce, and you will be responsible for reimbursing your bank. In the meantime, you will have sent the cash Western Union, and will have no way of retrieving it. These people will have the cash, and you will be ou the money.
    Avoid these transactions, they are scams, especially if they say to use Western Union, because that is like sending cash in the mail, if you lose it, you lose it.

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    November 15, 2011 at 5:40 pm

    Judging by the type of wording/language and the request for details this could be an identity scam.

    This involves a 3rd party gaining your details and using them

    To be honest, the damage is done if you have already provided your details to the 3rd party.

    I would be surprised if any payment turns up, and I would advise against sending the item to the 3rd party.

    As regards the details you have already provided, this could be a problem. Make sure if you receive any application forms or letters advising of any kind of cards/accounts being set up in your name that you didn’t ask for, that you contact the company/bank straight away and tell them what has gone on.

    Be vigilant and in for future reference, if it looks dodgy, unfortunately it probably is.

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    Alan M
    November 15, 2011 at 6:10 pm

    Good Grief!
    Your scammer has a touch of verbal diarrhea….
    ….it’s just a pity he didn’t touch the return key more often.

    As already outlined, this is a overpriced fake cheque scam and the scammer is just after your money. They never want the goods as these require a delivery address and these can be traced.

    You cash their cheque, send the ‘shipping fee’ and when the cheque bounces, you get the flak.

    These type of scams are always identified by the poor English (spelling and grammar)
    The willingness to buy the ITEM without naming it or requesting a photo. (They don’t read the adverts, just mass reply to any new postings)
    The price is always acceptable – in fact they want to pay more than you are asking.
    They always find a reason for you to have to deal with a 3rd party. This new name is usually the scammers ‘Westy’ ID for collecting Western Union transfers – it may even be his real name.
    Shipping fees are to be sent via Western Union or MoneyGram – electronic, fast and paperless – and once collected, it’s gone and the collector can vanish.

    These type of scams are ‘short cons’ – contact, cheque, money, gone – they do not usually go any deeper i.e. identity theft – as most of these such fake cheque scams are worked out of Internet Cafes and the scammer simply does not have the skills or resources to steal identities.
    That’s not to say that they can’t, but ID theft is a much more involved form of scam.

    As the scammer has your home address, he may have already sent a cheque – this is so that when it arrives, the scammer can try to persuade the receiver to cash the cheque and wire them the full sum. It may be accompanied by emailed (or phone) threats [e.g.] You have my money, now send me the shipping fee or I’ll call in the FBI
    Surprisingly, this can often work.

    Don’t worry if this happens: the threats are empty. He’s not about to call the FBI: he is the criminal here, not you.
    If you do receive a cheque, take it to the FBI and explain the situation (maybe take a few emails along). They’ll understand as this is a common scam.

    You may also now receive a few more 419 type scam emails as a scammer now has your email address and will pass this around his gang. These can be safely ignored, deleted and forgotten.

    Luck with your selling

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