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I’m in college, and I do work study, meaning I have a job on campus that pays me like any other job. Well, I’m on winter break, and they said that they would mail our last check to our house. Problem is, my family took a vacation the week my check would arrive in the mail. We actually just got back today, and my check isn’t here. My moms fiance’s son was here at the house though, and he’s known for stealing money and things, so could it be possible that he cashed my check?


4 Thoughts on Can someone cash a check not in their name?
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    April 29, 2013 at 8:41 pm

    No….there is no way they let a boy cash a check with the name Caylee on it. He might have stolen it, but he probably never cashed it

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    April 29, 2013 at 9:17 pm

    Legally, no
    However, he can sign your name on the back and take it to a crooked check cashing place, where they will cash it and keep half.

    Report it stolen to the police and your parents homeowners insurance.
    Have the employment office at school find out if it was cashed and where,
    Then they can trace who cashed it.


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    April 29, 2013 at 9:22 pm

    1. call your employer and ask when the check was sent out. It may be delayed in holiday mail. Count 10 BUSINESS days since the check was mailed to ensure adequate delivery time. Also ask if them to see if check has been deposited or not. They can call the finance office (or give you the number) and see if the check cleared. If no, ask if they can cancel and re-issue the check. If deposited then:
    2. Call the police and have your parent check the home owner’s policy to see if the insurance will cover it for now.
    Also, if your mail just sits out in the box unattended, ANYONE could have stolen or cashed it. If If he is still hanging out with old friends with bad habits, who is to say someone else didn’t nick it ? On top of that your parents need to be sure nothing of theirs was taken as well. Sadly, it is simple to open an account in someone else’s name if they have some basic information. Your parents need to be more careful and savvy.

    Wherever it was cashed will have cameras and as soon as your employer’s bank traces it back to that place there will be video evidence of who did it. For the sake of family peace for now, don’t jump to conclusions, but do let him know that the check is missing and if it has been deposited the police will be involved. See how he reacts, but don’t accuse him until you have proof.

    Anyone can put “pay to ______” on the back of a check, forge your signature and then pretend that you signed the check over to them and deposit or cash it if they find a place lax about rules, etc.

    3. The next time your parents go out of town they REALLY need to put a hold on their mail. Being away for a week and your mail sitting unattended in a box for any time would give a crook plenty of time to get personal info, credit card information, all sorts of things out of that box that you just don’t want out there!! It is simple and can be done online here:

    4. Have your checks directly deposited into an account for you. I am sure you have a checking account. Once you are back at school go to your employer and have it changed so your check gets directly deposited into your account. (Bring a voided check with you to do that, by the way.)

    If your parents aren’t going to help you with this, know that the bank and the police will.
    Hope you all are wiser for the experience!

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    Jadzia Dax
    April 29, 2013 at 10:05 pm

    Yes if he forged your signature.

    Call your employer and have them check to see if the check was cashed.

    Next time put a hold on your mail with the post office. They will hold your mail until you return.

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