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Okay, heres the situation, I had a some judgments against me for some medical bills that my insurance did NOT cover…after my divorce, the garnishments were coming in left and right as my ex took off and left me with all the bills. My ex ruined me financially as you can already tell…I just couldn’t make it on my own without that second income. I didnt get crap in the divorce!! As fast as I would get garnished for one bill, another would come in, and it all snowballed…It was awful. I have never been in that situation ever. I used to have great credit, but now I am ruined because of my ex. They came after me for the bills cause they could not find the ex…. I was paying on the bills. I went without heat for over a year in an effort to get these bills paid, but then I moved out of that state cause I just couldn’t keep up with all the bills. I was working for straight commission…I tried as hard as I could to pay the bills, but I got left “holding the bag of bills” after my divorce. I really got ruined financially and of course it all snowballed. I had to do the “Midnight move-out” to get away from it. So, is it legal for a creditor or process server to serve papers at a vacant house AFTER that person has moved far away, and then be charged with a “Failure to Appear” when they were not served face to face? Could I be arrested for a judgement that went unpaid that I had to skip town on?? I do not owe any back taxes. Yes, I feel terrible about the entire situation, and I will have to end up filing a Chapter 7. I dont have any option. Can they get a warrant on me for unpaid medical bills? You see, here is where it gets complicated….I had to go to a property hearing while in that state, and made payment arrangements on several bills, the bills were not in the thousands, but only a few hundred spread out all over the place.. there just wasnt enough money to pay everyone. Could they have a warrant or warrants out on me? I was once served papers that said they were seeking a judgement for an unpaid medical bill, that were left on my car windshield, and another time they were left inside my screen door. I dont think that was legal, but they did it anyway. When I left the state, I was NOT scheduled for any court appearances for anything. HELP???

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