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I own a relatively new house. I deduced to 2x monthly payments from my checking account. I was surprised to see me, they continue to pay for 15 “inapplicable” to 1 month. My question is … 1 Can I ask that they use that money now, rather than keeping it? 2 Is there a difference in reducing the amount of the whole interest on my loan?

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    May 3, 2011 at 1:06 am

    they are KITING to your detriment!!!!

    State in a certified letter, to apply the payments on the first
    and the 15th. And state that you expect retroactive payment
    assignations………or…you want them to change how past
    payments that were APPLIED wrongly and to apply them correctly.

    Math has shown that doing nothing else cuts one’s payments
    on a 30 yr mortgage by 7 YEARS.

    so, demand politely but demand!

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