5 thoughts on “Can i get a personal loan of $8,000 with a credit score of 640 and no job?

  1. I think banks will be reluctant to give you a loan when you can’t give them any guarantee that you will be able to pay that money back. I’m sure you will need someone that will be willing to co-sign an 8k loan. good luck.

  2. Even with a good credit standing, a borrower has to meet other requirements of the lending instituion. Banks/lenders will need a form of security on the loan. One of this is availability of the borrower’s income from employment and other sources. If income is not sufficient, the borrower may be asked to put up a collateral like a car, or real property or have a qualified co-signer/co-maker on the loan agreement.

  3. not likely…

    You will need to have an income… and that means a job.

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