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I’m 17 and i got my provisional driver’s license about 4 months ago. I live in CA. Now, even though I have my license my parents are not letting me drive because I don’t have insurance. Today, I was looking up stuff about this and I found an answer saying that insurance companies REQUIRE all licensed household members to be added to their policy because they assume that anyone in the household with a license would have access to the car and driving it. Sooo does that mean I could tell my parents that they have to add me to their policy because it’s required? My parents have AAA as their driver’s insurance btw if it helps and I tried looking for a job but failed so no buying my own car : /

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    Big Deal Maker
    August 19, 2011 at 11:30 pm

    Your parents are NOT required to purchase insurance for you. AAA will include on the policy that you are not covered on the policy. So if you take the car without permission and get into an accident your parents will be on the hook for any damages. And it could ruin them. So be smart and get insurance from your parents policy because it will be cheaper for you. But please remember that it will be very expensive and you will need a job.

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    August 19, 2011 at 11:58 pm

    Congratulations, you have done some research and you are 100% correct. The truth is, once you get your full license you will be insured to drive the family car on an occassional basis whether or not the insurance company has been notified that you now have a license. You parents insurance will be raised automatically to reflect your protection. The only way you wouldn’t be covered is if your parents call their insurance company and specificaaly EXCLUDE you from their policy. Read below:

    There is a LAW that insurance companies to cover all household members who have a drivers license,

    But… Most all insurance companies will require that you call and notify them to either allow a licensed household members to be added to the policy or exclude them. This is because as household members it is assumed they have access to your vehicles and may drive them at any time. These drivers are thus a risk/rating factor to be taken into consideration. Don’t think you can get by and not notify them of household drivers because If they are not notified, they can and do and will cancel the policy.
    Many state laws require that you must inform them of licensed drivers dwelling in your household, so that they can add him as a driver to your policy and rate accordingly or exclude him. Excluding anyone from your car insurance would mean that you are not paying extra on your policy to have him/her as a driver and thus they are not extended any coverage by your insurance policy if they were to drive your car and be in an accident, even if it were an emergency situation.
    If you have a licensed household member, whether a relative, roommate, etc, the insurer believes that the person will have access to your vehicle and thus is a rating factor that should be on your insurance policy. If the person really is not going to drive the insured vehicle then there should not be an issue with excluding them. Without you signing off on the exclusion the insurance company cannot really believe that a licensed household member may not drive your car.
    The perceived risk for non-household members by an insurance company is different and that is why you can normally let a friend that does not live with you borrow your vehicle without adding him or her to your policy.
    A friend may occasionally borrow your car and be covered by your insurance because they do not have regular access to your car and thus are not rated as a risk factor on your policy. If you do have someone outside of the household that regularly drives your car then normally an insurance carrier usually would also want this person listed as a driver so they would be properly covered in an accident.

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    Cristina Lee
    August 20, 2011 at 12:30 am has a few questions and they will give you an estimate from a ton of different car insurance companies with the lowest price.

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