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I’m 17 now, and li8ve with my parents. I work Winn-Dixie cashiere full time, min wage of course. There’s a chunk of land right next to our current lot waiting to be sold for 30grand. My plan is to save six hundred a month out of my check for a year for the down payment, but I don’t know what the monthly payment after that would be and I’m lost trying to use most mortgage calculators.

Can anyone tell me the process, and I mean everything.
How much for the down-payment?
How many years on the loan?
How much monthly?

We live in Lake Butler, Fl, where the going rate is 15grand an acre, and the lot is 2.something. I’d like to own it by my 20th birthday, prolly still paying though. Any help is appreciated?
Oh, and my career plan is to stay with Winn-Dixie and move up, if that makes me anymore credible. My secondary goal is to get a degree in business, which will make moving up all the easier.

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    Pure Genius
    October 23, 2012 at 2:26 pm

    Ok so the process may be different in other states but I am sure its pretty close! The first thing you need to do it get pre-approved. Find a lender and start the process because you may not qualify for anything. I found a page with a bunch of home buyer tips and I think it may help you.
    good luck!

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