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Okay well me and my bf are looking into buying a home in tampa, fl. We got approved for a 20/80 loan. 20% of the total home cost down and a loan of the other 80%. We found a house a few doors down that was great but it got swiped up the day we went to put a bid on it. We found a program called the NAP program or Neighborhood Stabilization Program.. It is a gov. program that offers homes to those who have a lower income with down payment and cclosingcost assistance on homes that are totally reno’d just in not the nest neighborhoods. We found a house that is amazing in this program but the neighborhood is not the best. It would only cost us $ 65000 and it is 3/1 1100 sq. ft.. Is it worth it if the neighborhood is not the best?????? The crime rate is a 4 out of 10 on violent and criminal offenses.

We will be happy to hear your thoughts on Buying a home yes or no????? GOV. help…?

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