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So i was watching the local news last night and they mentioned something about a $ 15,000 grant for first time home buyers.

They said it was not the same as the tax credit and that the $ 15,000 could go towards down payment, repairs, or closing costs.

The stipulations were that it had to be your main residency, you had to live there for 3 years and one other thing that I cant seem to remember right now. I was excited as I have never purchased a home before and the government is just going to give me 15g’s to do so.. Cool!

So I search online for it and I cant find anything about it anywhere.

Does anybody have any information? Or did my local news just make something up again? jerks.
haha jk.
And you think I didn’t google it?

No all that comes up is the tax credit, not the grant that I heard about…

and I would really like to thank the guy who posted the spam. really, thats helpful. no way I’m giving my info up for what should be public knowledge provided by the government.

I guess no one knows about it, so I either took it wrong or it was completly false.

Thanks for all of your well thought out answers.

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    July 30, 2011 at 2:06 am

    Do a search for $ 15,000 first time home buyer and you will find tons of links.

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