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they want me to goin the team as a loan officer .they say they pay 100% commisons.but they want me to send 95$ prossing fee,before i send my app.for this a scam.?

1 Thought on Ascent Home loans are they”fraud ” does the company really exsit.?
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    Yahoo Sucks
    December 22, 2012 at 9:27 pm

    Looks like they exist, at least for now.

    There’s no possibility of paying you 100% commissions, and they’re not taking any fees or trimming the pricing you see to pay themselves.

    The way their website reads, you keep every penny that comes in the door. That’s not possible, not if you expect them to be in business the following week.

    So, #1 question for them: Where are they making their money???

    #1 question for you: Are you already working as a loan officer? If not, find a local company to work for that will train you, not some company in Colorado. I’m assuming you don’t live in CO.

    The $ 95 processing fee seems a little ridiculous, if they have any real reason to believe they want to hire you, they should cover the expenses. I’m assuming part of that money is for a background and credit check, but who really knows?

    There’s hundreds of mortgage companies to work for, not one of which would require upfront money from you just to decide if you’re good enough to work there. I’d look elsewhere.

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