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The maintenance man for the apartments where I live is married to the apartment manager, and problems reported by myself and numerous others to her about his job performance (poor) have gone unnoticed. Typically, we are met by hostile and profane language from him after a complaint has been filed. I’m hoping to get some insight from you all with the most recent thing I’ve learned.

A neighbor told me that the maintenance man has discussed the contents of my apartment with her and others on multiple occasions and insinuates my apartment is a filthy hoard (absolutely nothing could be further from the truth, absolutely not filthy– I’m OCD if anything– and no hoard– couldn’t afford one (!) and am hardly ever here). He has spent over an hour on several occasions cursing to me about other tenants and discussing their personal business with me, so I’m not too surprised. However, it is very concerning to me that he divulging my possessions to people that I don’t even know (could be someone who would break in, which we had problems with 2 years ago). He has also asked me about my rental insurance details on several occasions, although I’ve avoided answering him. In general, this man makes many of us very uneasy. Both he and his wife (manager) seem to overreach their right into our personal business, including when packages (UPS, etc) are delivered to the office– very “inquisitive,” but in a suspicious sort of way. He also was caught splicing into power boxes last year to run machinery when the roofs were being repaired in the complex (we pay our own power). The neighbor who caught him filed a report, but he came over when he saw the cop car and said he didn’t know he couldn’t do that and unhooked their cords, so nothing came of it.

Is there anything legally that I can do about his talking about what I own and his rumors– and his profanity used toward us?

I would venture that between these types of problems and his inability to repair even simple things, he would have been fired and replaced long ago if his wife wasn’t the manager.

I have spoken to the property owners about a unrelated matter, and while he was somewhat uninterested in renter satisfaction, I will likely call him this week about the present concerns. I will move from here in less than a year and am trying to not have to relocate before then.

Thank you for your insights!

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    July 2, 2013 at 4:41 am

    finish your contract and move. If you can prove the building is negligent move immediately, but it has to be a real issue.

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    July 2, 2013 at 5:37 am

    I feel extremely sorry for you. That situation sucks to be in, and none of it is any fault of your own.

    I highly recommend writing down what you hear him say, recording him saying things, writing down what your neighbors say he said to them about you as well.
    Then also record his non-repairs of even small things. Bring all of that directly to his wife and state that from here on out, you will not allow this man into your apartment and if he so deems to step his foot inside the threshhold, you will have a cop there pronto. State that you will be hiring your own maintenance man from this point on and forwarding any bills directly to her. If she will not allow that, then state you understand that you will not have anything fixed in your apartment until your move, but that no damages will, at all, be taken out of your rent deposit, accounting for any damage done by you, the tenant, besides normal wear and tear. State that you WILL be taking pictures before you leave to prove that you will leave the apartment in pristine, cleaned condition, once again barring normal wear and tear. State that you will not be redoing your lease because of the ONE problem being this man’s hateful words, degrading demeanor, and lack of respect towards the people paying him.
    Get your neighbors in on it too. Enough people and his wife will get the message that her husband is not gonna be good for business.
    Of course you can’t file any lawsuits or anything. This is simply a “throwing down the gauntlet” statement that shows you mean business.

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