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I think it sounds like an interesting area. Can you give me some details on what your experience as if you are working in this field? What kind of surveys they are normally? Mercian, this type of training is needed to enter this field?

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    November 11, 2012 at 9:43 pm

    Most companies require a 4 year college degree. It can be in anything. But most companies won’t consider hiring you as an adjuster with out it.

    If you want to be in the fraud unit….most of those folks have a law enforcement background. It’s not required….but it’s very common.

    Adjusters do more than just investigations. They handle the claim once the investigation is complete.

    If you are an automobile adjuster – you would handle claims for auto wrecks. You determine coverage, investigate, negotiate, deny and defend claims related to automobile accidents. In some companies the front line adjusters work with defense counsel when a law suit happens. In others, the files are sent to a supervisor or litigation department when a law suit happens.

    If you are a property adjuster – you would handle claims for damage to homes. Not so much investigation here – you can tell a if a roof has hail damage by just looking at it. But you would inspect the damage, write an estimate and if applicable, issue payment.

    In some companies the adjusters are multi-line. Meaning they handle auto and homeowner claims. In many companies, the adjusters are specialized….handle just auto or handle just homeowners.

    Some folks work as workers compensation adjusters. These folks handle claims for on the job injuries.

    Depending on how the company you work for is set up….you may work out of a claims office or you may work from your home.

    Some adjusters are telephone adjusters and handle the claims from inside an office. Some are field adjusters and go out of the office to work claims. Field adjusters usually get a company car or a per-Diem to use their own car.

    Being an adjuster is not an easy job. It’s not for everyone. But, it can be interesting and it will keep you challenged. It’s also a career field with pretty good job stability. There will always be car wrecks and hurricanes. And it’s pretty hard to ship adjuster jobs over seas.

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