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    March 13, 2013 at 3:53 am

    You have it wrong. You don’t cut back and save. You save. Period.

    Two things I learned a long time ago, and it’s the best advice I ever got.

    1. Pay yourself first.

    This means that when you get to every payday, you write a check, made out to yourself, for a minimum of 5% but preferably 10% of your gross pay. You deposit that check in a bank account that you don’t touch. Then, you live on what’s left, paying your other bills SECOND. Pay YOURSELF first.

    I won’t tell you what kinds of things to cut back on. You’ll learn far more by sitting down and taking a good, hard look at yourself and how you live, and figuring out for yourself what’s important and what’s not, and what you can live without.

    Think of it this way. If your pay was cut by 10% and you didn’t have the option of getting other work, you’d have to pay your bills out of that smaller check. Now you’re in the same situation, except that you’ve got savings.

    2. Investing $ 100 monthly starting at age 18, until you are 35, and then you stop, will give you more money at age 65, than if you wait until you’re 35 to start, and never stop. That’s 17 years of investing instead of 30, and you have more money. It illustrates the power of compound interest, and the foolishness of waiting to get started.

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    March 13, 2013 at 4:39 am

    To me, since every person has difference preferences, therefore, not all tips will work for everybody. In my case, i am not so much on what is popular these days when it comes to material things.

    1.) When i shop for clothes, i try to shop when it is only very very needed. As much as possible i try to work with things i already have. Also, i do all my best to maintain the same clothes size so that i will keep buying different sets to fit me. And when i do shop for clothes, i go straight to the clearance rack. Example,I found clothing at JCPeney for 97 cents. They are awesome stuffs. I also go to GOODWILL and any other thrifty stores like that. I bought a leather jacket that would cost $ 300 for brand new but i only got it for $ 7.50 and for the record it looks awesome.

    I also shop at Macy’s. Aside from going to clearance aisle, when i buy online i usually picked the items i want and saved it to my cart and check it 3 – 4 times a week. And when they have a price cut like only midnight or weekend price cut for that particular items then that’s when i click checkout. I got an Emu boots for $ 42.50 instead of paying $ 180. Awesome.

    2.) For groceries, i don’t cut off coupons because it looks like a clutter to me. But what i do is, i choose recipes that doesn’t require a lot of variety of ingredients. I mostly go for recipes that i can cook with my crockpot. Last weekend, i bought $ 2 a bag of turnip greens, $ 1.29 a bag of kale, $ 1 onion, $ 2.10 pork chops. Used the Tony Chachere for seasoning and some spicies i already have. Me and my husband have it for 3 meals. . . Just add couple of dinner rolls for $ 1.50 for 12 pcs.

    If we go to Pizza Hut we would like to order 1 Large Pizza. What we do is we request them to have 2 different toppings in 1 pizza. I want Hawaiian and my husband wants supreme. We got what we want for only $ 10. Large size is a pretty big pizza. So for those who are trying to cut off calories, this trick may help to cut back some.

    Order water to drink when you go eat out. But i bring my cans of soda to work and that save me ouple of dollars every week. It doesn’t sounds like a lot but if you drink 2 cans of soda a day, please try to compare the price of buying 12 packs of soda at the store and bring it to work against buying soda from the vending machine or cafeteria.

    3.) If there is a public transportation in your area, prefer taking the bus or subway instead of driving your own car. Maintenance of car in unbelievable + the insurance + the fuel.

    4.) Turn down your AC and heater when you are not at home. The 8 to 10 hours that your electricity or gas running without anyone benefiting is of course useless. Then turn it down just enough to neutralize the temperature inside the house.

    5.) Don’t buy electronics just because it is popular. Next year it will be obsolete. Just keep what you have. And if it is really necessary for you to buy one because you never had one yet and or you really need it to make your work easier, or make your realtionship happier then you can buy it, but not necessarily that it has to be the top of the line. As long as it will function properly and in a good price, then that is great. I remember the nuvi 750 when it came out it was like $ 1000, correct me if i am wrong. And i thought i bought mine for bargain by paying $ 340. Huh, just a year after i bought mine i’ve seen them all over for around $ 190. Any GPS will navigate because that is the reason why it’s invented. No need to get sattelite radio, camera, picture saver, mp3 player and etc., with your GPS. Because i am sure you have iPOD with you. Even your car does too.

    Early 2007, 46inches Mitsubishi flat screen tv was priced around $ 3,400. . . Then it went down to $ 2,200. . . Today you can get 50 inches at Walmart maybe in different brand for $ 600. . . They work almost the same. Just the Mitsubishi has PIP. You can split the monitor and half for the tv, the other half for internet playing at the same time. But i am sure today there are other brands and even the Mitsubishi itself that offer that fsame eature in a fraction of that price in 2007.

    6.) Celphone plans are awful today. Don’t get other feature that you have to pay extra and you don’t really necessarily using it. In my friends circle, everybody is in the same provider, therefore, we choose to call eachother which is free instead of texting (which means if you use text messaging they will charge us for the overage of the texting limit. Don’t send pic through your celphone becasue it is expensive. Use the micro-SD card on your cellphone, and save your photos there. Then you can take that micro-SD out from your celphone and slide it to your computer then you can send photos for free via email.

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