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A few months ago i was let go from my employer because he said there was not enough business coming in and he couldnt afford to keep me on payroll. Im a commercial insurance agent. I had only been with him for a little over 3 months before this happened. Leads stopped coming in about 2 weeks into the job and i was literally picking names out of the phone book and cold calling businesses. He then had me go out everyday in my own car, using my own gas to random businesses which i picked out and tried to sell them insurance. The only problem was that when these business owners would call back to the office ready to buy or get a quote, i was not there to answer. The customer service rep we had working in the office would quote and finalize the sale so she ended up with all the credit. I didnt have an option to stay in the office, my boss would always say i need you out in the field so there i went!
Then he pulls me into his office one day and says he cant afford to keep me because im not making any sales and he cant understand why, since our customer svc rep is making so many.
Of course she is! She just has to sit at her desk all day and wait for my leads to come pouring in! Well i filed for unemployment which i received but then he appealed saying that it was employee miscondunct and i didnt work to the best of my abilities. Well we had our first appeals hearing but the appeals officer couldnt make a decision so now its been extended to another date. what can i do or say to win this?
also how do i file a complaint with him through the bbb or eeoc, he also lied about my compensation. Before i was hired he gave me my comission structure but when i got my first check, the percentage was lower than originally stated. This guy has just screwed me left and right

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