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I am looking to buy a cordless phone system (Panasonic/GE a good brand) that has multiple cordless handsets. I want one handset to go in the shop which is approx 400 feet from the main base that would be in my house.
I need a way to find out what phone is capable of doing this without buying several and trying them (then returning the ones that don’t work). I have been to several stores and the staff told me the one I got which is a Panasonic 6.0 mh would work no trouble – but it dosen’t and I live in the country, and am not able to run to the big city to buy these every week to try them out. So I thought I’d try here to see if any one can point me to a web site or something that would help answer my question. Thank you for your help.

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    joe r
    August 5, 2011 at 4:07 am

    DECT tech is the best out there, and panasonic is the best brand, and only brand that I ever recommend…

    if the DECT phone isn’t covering the range that you need, then no cordless phone will handle the distance that you need… it is not only the distance, but the obstacles blocking the signal (walls, electrical wiring, etc)

    I would first try to reposition the main base unit closer to where your signal is weak, or not working… if that does not work, I would recommend running a wire from the NID to the garage and installing a new phone jack in the garage…

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