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I just purchased my first Phillips mp3 player from a major retail store. The audio player had been previously purchased as evident from the re-taped box. Anyways, when I took the player home and plugged it into my computer, I found where the previous purchaser had tried to download his iTunes into the player. Naturally, the did not play (since iTunes only plays on iPods). However, when I clicked on his iTunes on the computer, his service agreement and registration came up–complete with the previous owner’s e-mail and phone number! I deleted the iTunes (they were of no use to me), but I feel this should be a warning to anyone that returns an audio player with iTunes on it. Unless you delete your itunes before returning the player, some of your private information could be accessed by the new buyer. Granted, they may not get much more than your email, but still it’s something that I would not risk.

Has this happened to you? Feel free to share your experience. I hope this was a useful warning to iTunes buyers in the future.

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    November 22, 2011 at 8:23 pm

    no. fortunatlely

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