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hi, i live in west virginia. my girlfriend and i have a 1 year old son together. through the last year we have been locked in mortgage limbo on our house, therefore our addresses were listed as different. we were summoned to a child support hearing in which we were told that child support would only be taken out for 2 or 3 payments(i cant recall which it was) as backpay.and when we got our addresses straightened out to come back and let them know, at which time they would cease taking payments out of my paychecks. that was in oct 2010. about this time we moved into our new house but were still stuck in mortgage limbo, meaning i couldnt change my employment status or risk messing up the loan. here is where the fun really begins. No payments were taken out of my paychecks until dec 10, 2010. the first payment of $ 148 was taken out dec 10, another of the same amount was taken out on dec. 24, 2010(i get paid every 2 weeks). neither payment was sent to the child support agency until dec. 28, 2010. My girlfriend and i thought, “hey its a one time thing, no big deal, at least thats all that they will take and now its done”…we were wrong. the next paycheck had the same amount taken out and once again was not sent to the child support agency, i then started recieving letters in the mail from the child support agency stating that i was delinquent on my payments. my girlfriend and i then went to the agency this same thing occured on every paycheck for the next 2 months. payments taken out of my checks by my employer, yet not sent to the agency. after repeatedly trying to phone the agency, we finally went down to the office. while there, we were informed that it wasnt just my checks, but my employer was not sending any other employee’s child support payments in either. he was apparently up to thousands of dollars behind. they had already notified him by letter. also, while at this meeting they informed us that if we wanted to end our child support case when we got the money from my employer that we could. they told us they were leaving the case open until he sent the money in, that way their lawyers could handle it and we wouldnt have to seek outside consultation. that was in february 2011. he has never gotten it caught all the way up, so we have never been able to get the case closed. now he is over $ 700 behind again. i ask the managers where i work about it and they tell me i have to talk to the accountants, when the child support office calls the accountant they tell them that the owner does the child support, then when they call him he becomes aggresive and profane and hangs up. these payments were supposed to stop being taken out in february and its still happening. it wouldnt be as bad if the money were being sent in, because then my girlfriend could get it and we could pay our bills with it. but that’s not happening and we are falling behind on our bills and everything else and all the child support tells us is they turned it over to their attorneys and if we havent got the money in 3 weeks to come and talk to them again. i don’t understand what they expect us to do. we can’t tell the utility companies to wait a couple weeks can we? the main problem,as i already stated, is that these payments arent even supposed to be being taken out of my checks. what can i do about this? the child support bureau is clearly not that concerned about it and we are running out of options on our money. any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    December 2, 2011 at 10:17 pm

    Send a formal letter to the attorney general in your area and tell them that the employer is withholding support payments but not turning them over. What he’s doing is a crime. If the payments aren’t supposed to be coming out anymore, you need to send your employer a certified letter and a copy of the order where it says it’s ok to stop.

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    George McCasland
    December 2, 2011 at 11:06 pm
    Federal Child Support Enforcement Handbook for Non-Custodial Parents
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