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One entry level job at like fast food or retail pays like $ 600-700 a month, I’ll be lucky if I can get a job at all let alone more than one. Splitting an apartment with someone or renting a room somewhere costs like $ 400 at the least. I doubt I can pay for everything else with $ 200-300, like food, car insurance/gas/maintenance (which I don’t even have a car yet, but I have some money saved up for one so I can get one soon), and personal items. But I’m not staying home. My parents are neglectful and psychologically abusive. I hate my town, it’s a tiny dump in the middle of nowhere and I want to move somewhere bigger but not too big and without a high cost of living (I have a couple in mind). I want to be somewhere where I’m happy and can actually make friends, because I have none here. I don’t care if I have to live in my car or on the street. Anywhere is better than there. Advice, besides stay home?
I have like $ 2,700 saved up that I think I should spend on a cheap car. Should I hold off on that and use the money to move and get settled in first, then try to get a car? I don’t think I could get by without personal transportation so I think I just need to buy the car and then start from scratch.

5 Thoughts on 18 and leaving home. How the hell am I going to survive?
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    July 12, 2012 at 11:13 am

    Prepare for eating a lot of cheap meals, usually consisting of Ramen noodles or any other instant noodles you happen to find…..That’s how it went for me.

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    July 12, 2012 at 11:43 am

    I would by a bike first.

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    July 12, 2012 at 11:46 am

    I feel bad for you, but I understand completely where you’re coming from. Before I move forward, I wanna say to you that you aren’t going to have it as easy as you might’ve had it at your parents’ house. Trust when i tell you that. I felt just like you and when I got out on my own, it was the hardest thing ever, not that i’m implying you won’t make it, just sharing my experience with ya.

    You will definitely have to buy cheap food to eat. Sometimes you might barely be able to afford eating. –No joke. Making the money that you make is not enough to be able to survive on your own. But if you make the right choices, it wont be that hard for you.

    Here’s what i’d suggest: When you’re going off on your own, its best to get hospitalization. Lucky for you, you make close to nothing so you will be eligible for Medicaid. You’ll find that useful later on, trust me. You want to also apply for help with housing. That’s a MUST for you. You can sign up for section 8 and be on the waiting list til they’re able to pay for your apartment, i believe it’s a portion of it, monthly. You will qualify for food stamps depending on how much your rent is, but of course you don’t make enough money as it is. If you don’t get enough food stamps to cover food, you can always go down to your local food pantry, and I believe they hand out bags of food.

    I’d tell you to go with buying a bike because when you’re applying for medicaid I believe you can’t have much of anything, including a car. But I could be mistaken. Let’s hope that I am.

    Best of luck to you..

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    July 12, 2012 at 12:37 pm

    I think you’re going to want to scout out job offerings in the places you’re trying to move to, and find a decent paying job before you move there. It’s much more secure then moving somewhere and then finding out that there are no jobs in sight. This prospect would make it much more likely you end up homeless or having to move back home, but if you have a job you would be more able to move away and stay away. Try and find a job that can at least cover rent, necessary utilities, other bills, security deposit, utilities deposit, gas, insurance, basic food, parking, and other necessities. You can use some of your savings for the security and utilities deposit if you have to. However I’d save up some more money before even thinking of buying a car. Buying a more expensive reliable one is better then a cheap one that’ll cost you much more in maintenance fees. Keep in mind apartment cost really varies per city, so I wouldn’t go for one that is known for being costly. According to Forbes the top ten most expensive cities to live in are:

    10. Washington D.C.

    9. Houston, TX

    8. Boston, MA

    7. Chicago, IL

    6. Miami, FL

    5. Honolulu, HI

    4. San Francisco, CA

    3. White Plains, NY

    2. Los Angeles, CA

    1. New York City, NY

    I would not recommend moving to one of these cities unless you’ve got a stable job lined up and quite a bit of savings. I hope this helped and good luck!

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    July 12, 2012 at 1:00 pm

    Continue your education to get a better job
    Join the military
    Realize life’s priorities: Roof over your head comes before a car. Ride a bike to work.
    Break out a calculator: 7.25 x 40 hours = $ 290 A month has 4.25 weeks. 4.25 x 290 = $ 1232.50/month
    Be aware of car insurance costs for your age group.
    But the quickest education you could get is to live on the streets for 30 days. You will suddenly learn that living with psychologically abusive parents is the lap of luxury. Good Luck

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