• Pay Bills With a Rewards Card Step

    Stay On Top of Your Bills

    You know you’re supposed to pay your bills before they’re due, but sometimes, life gets in the way and your payment doesn’t quite make it in time. You’re not alone – according to our data, approximately 38 percent of Credit Karma members have had at least one late payment in the past seven years.* Why […]
  • Student Loans

    3 Repayment Strategies for Your Student Loans

    If you took out a student loan to finance your college education, there’s no escaping the time when you’ll be required to start paying those loans back. Fortunately, you’ve got plenty of choices when it comes to financing your loans and knowing your options could save you some money. Here are three repayment strategies to […]
  • Deal with Overwhelming Debt

    5 Ways to Deal with Overwhelming Debt

    It can be easy to fall into debt, and it’s even easier to let that debt run out of control and overwhelm you. Even when you feel like you’re being swallowed up by debt and have no idea what to do, there are ways to deal with and manage your debt wisely. Reviewing your budget, […]

I live in SD,CA.I have 2 mortg. If I foreclose on the 2nd first will that prevent me from owing a deficiency?

What happens if I don’t pay my credit cards? I bought my condo 2 yrs ago in Chula Vista California. I have two mortgages for my home. The first one the big one is interest only 4.625 wich jumps 3% in Dec causing a $ 500 hike on my monthly paymts. The 2nd one is fixed 12%. The hike is making it impossible for […]

Can we get out of this housing contract if we do not close this time?

l227 Way back on April 21, 2009 we signed a housing contract for a quick delivery home. We planned to close in May. Our first lender was not familiar with USDA loans and so she tried to trick us into putting the money down to hurry and do FHA. We gave her 3 months of our […]