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Since Texas has been at 6% unemployment rate for two months will Texas have a shot at getting the Tier 2 extension? I have already exhausted my 7 weeks and still cant find a job. I cant find any info on Texas getting Tier 2. If anyone knows pretty please let me know. Any help is wonderful. Thanks a bunch!!!

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    June 29, 2013 at 3:00 am

    Here is what I found and based on this info, if you exhausted your 7 week extension after November the 28th(Texas) you would automatically qualify for an additional 13 weeks if eligible. If the date is before November the 28th(Texas) you will be mailed instruction on how to file for an extension if your are eligible.

    October 5 Update: The House passed unemployment extension legislation that would provide seven additional weeks of payments to those who exhausted their benefits on October 5. Those in states where the unemployment rate is above 6 percent would be entitled to an additional 13 weeks above the 26 weeks of regular benefits. However, the Senate has not passed an extension bill and the President says he opposes an extension.

    November 20 Update: The Senate approved legislation already passed by the House to extend unemployment insurance for seven weeks for unemployed workers who are out of benefits and for an additional 13 weeks of benefits for those in states with an unemployment rate higher than 6%

    AUSTIN – The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) announced today a 13-week temporary federally funded extension of unemployment insurance (UI) benefits. President George W. Bush signed legislation authorizing Emergency Extended Unemployment Compensation on June 30, 2008.
    The legislation provides up to 13 additional weeks of UI benefits for eligible Texans who have used up their regular UI benefits and are still unemployed. The extended benefits are entirely federally funded, and employers
    will not be charged for any claims paid on this extension.
    To be eligible for the extension, individuals must have filed a claim for regular UI benefits on or after May 7, 2006, and exhausted all of their benefits. They also must be currently unemployed and meet the qualifications to receive UI benefits. Eligible claimants will receive the same weekly benefit amount as on their regular claim. All claimants who are eligible when the bill is signed will receive benefits starting the week of July 6, 2008, and could receive a maximum of 13 weeks of extended benefits.
    As many as 200,000 Texans may be eligible for the extended benefits. TWC will mail letters to all potentially eligible claimants in July to explain the application process. Claimants should not contact TWC until they receive a letter, unless their address has changed. Claimants may update their address information on the Internet through or by contacting a UI TeleCenter.

    Read the links I provided for more info, if anyone see that I have furnished some incorrect info, please correct me, I am just trying to help out.

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