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Hello all and thank you for taking the time to read my post. I am thinking about buying a home in Oregon. I am sure everyone has heard the saying “They don’t build them as good as they used to”.. So I was wondering the are the best/worst years to buy a home from. Any tips / info you guys could share would be great!

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    Auntie S
    November 20, 2011 at 5:35 am

    I don’t know how anyone could come up with a specific year. Many times it depends on when the biggest fire, earthquake or flood happened.

    It varies from builder to builder and from home owner to home owner.

    Sometimes it is better to buy a 50 year old home rather than a 20 year old home-in the 20 year old home you might run into things galling apart whereas in the 50 year old home the items have been replaced already

    All a home is is bricks and mortar. There are companies that you can call that will check the home out and let you know what shape it is in. Then you can always come back on them if they are wrong.

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    November 20, 2011 at 6:05 am

    I’ve lived and moved into many homes across America growing up. Some of the homes I’ve resided in are old, others new. I’ve seen many older homes in the 70’s build with good wood since wood were cheaper back then. On the other hand, homes in the 70’s are usually fabricated with poorer concrete material since cement has been technologically evolved into better standards to withstand from cracking these days.

    Modern homes apply many materials that prove to be very durable maintaining integrity. But in recent times, home builders try to cut cost and find alternative building materials to efficiently maximize their profits. They barely meet state standards to sell quick. As a result, they are not as strong.

    Some of the brick homes back in the 40’s are strong, but they do not have good ventilation or insulation. For me, I personally think that homes built during the 1980’s were quite strong. But as for the best built home, in terms of engineering, I would rank 1996 to be the year that home builders selected the best foundation and building materials. The walls are more thicker and more money was spent in researching for quality construction methods and materials. 1996 is the year any home-owner got the bang for their buck. (Actually, now is also a good time)!

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    November 20, 2011 at 7:00 am

    During those years that they used oak for studs instead of todays pine, & nails the size of spikes were the strongest. My old house, 150 yrs old & still standing, was like that, it weathered many a storm. Anything over 60 yrs old was probably built using hardwoods, but buying one of them today, you would certainly want to watch for dry rot, usually visible in the basement ceiling beams. Actually todays beams are much stronger man made, I have cement board & ceramic tile above my basement (very heavy load), built 1999. I would say any built from 1960 to 1990 are not the quality of todays technology. It’s like everything else, you get what you pay for. Costly items are sewers & wells, so ask questions. Older homes had 2 X 4 studs, my new has 2 X 6 which results in thicker insulation here in the north. Our problem was not knowing wells when I have a man who loves to run water outside everyday. It had a 4 in. pipe, we had to install a 6 in. two years later. Also know who made the windows & patio doors, most glass is stamped in the corner by good manufacturers.

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    oil field trash
    November 20, 2011 at 7:22 am

    The quality of any house is based on who paid for the house and who built it. If they were willing to pay for quality materials and labor and the builder was capable of providing quality labor then you have a good house.

    It also varies with the location where the house is. If you are in a boom area then the quality tends to go down because there is too little in the way of good builders and materials and too much demand.

    About the saying “They don’t build them as good as they used to.”, there are many features in modern homes that are in fact better. The is specially true in terms of electrical, plumbing, insulation and paint.

    Any house you buy is going to have problems of some kind. Even the best need repair and maintenance.

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