Trying to raise my credit score!!?

Ok so I am wanting to try and buy a house this summer so I am in the process of fixing my credit score. Let me go into some details about it. I check my credit on a regular basis because I am enrolled in the program.

I currently have a credit score of 552

My total debt on my credit score is only 22000 and thats between credit cards, students loans, and 2 car loans

Have been current on everything for 2 years and today I just paid 5 credit cards to be under 25% of the credit limit.

Both car loans have been open over a year and have NEVER been late.

Student loans have been open for 3-5 years and in the very beginning I was not making payments so that hurt my credit but pretty sure that parts over since they have all been current for 2 years.

Credit card payments have never been late.

My question is now that I have paid my credit cards to be under 25% of their limits, one more to go which I’m paying next month, how many points can I expect my credit score to go up and what more can I do to increase my score by this summer? I would love to shoot for over 700 range.
I am self employed running my own daycare and make 50,000/yr.

Want to get a good interest rate and will have 20% down when we buy in 6 months!
I am almost 24 years old so I have only had credit for 6 years and when I was 19 my score was 697 but I was stupid with it. The lowest it has gotten is 425 and now it is back to 552. I am pretty sure that keeping all my credit cards near the credit limit keeps my credit score in the 500’s.

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