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Here’s the situation:
-My insurance company sent me an update request asking me and any new drivers in the household. I responded, truthfully, that there was none new.
-Eight days later, my fiancée moved in with me, and two days later we married.
-Insurer created a new policy for the coming year. I’m listed as the sole driver.

A few days later, discussing my policy with a sales rep (they had overestimated my miles) I disclosed I got married recently and that my wife has been licensed in the US very recently, so I’m worried about the prime flying through the roof. The sales rep told me that I’m obliged to disclose any new drivers in the household when they ask me, so if the information was truthful and accurate when they asked me, for the moment I can fly “under the radar” until they send me a new update request. Thus, she did not update me to “married” status and did not add my wife to the policy.

The information I sent them when they asked me was accurate. However, I’m afraid that my wife might have a collision and that my insurer might claim there’s been a fraud on my part and that any excuse over the informal advice a sales rep has given me will not fly.

Any opinions on how to proceed? I would appreciate the input of anyone who’s worked in insurance.
EDIT: My insurance policy says that I should immediately report any new underage drivers in training. It does not say anything about immediately reporting a new licensed driver. New drivers are not listed under “occurrences” either. Hence my confusion

EDIT 2: Actually, AAA bases their rate on the least experienced driver in the policy (my wife, in this case)

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