Rent to own reporting to credit bureaus?

One of the ways I was told I can improve my credit score is by using a “rent to own” type of business. I have heard if you fail to pay your lease you will be negatively reported, however; if you complete your lease fully and on time does it positively effect your rating? If so which companies in particular National rent to own, Aaron’s,Rent-a-center…ect or any of them

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  1. I have paid off 8 iteams from aarons in pa. They all have been reported on my credit, i can show a copy of one of the line iteams for proof. They are jerks if your ever late, it just shows paid no history just a positive line iteam and what the amount was.

  2. Our local Aaron’s store reports to Experian on payout
    for each account that you have.

  3. My mom had bought furniture from Aarons here in NYC and she paid of the account in full. When I ran her credit report Aarons did show up on it as a closed account. I have considered possibly taking out a small item from aarons just to possibly boost my report up. I’m very young (only 19) and all I have is one Credit Card with a 500 dollar limit. I’m still not 100 percent sure if I want to over pay for something but I know if and when I pay it , it will end up on my report possibly boosting up my score or showing more credit history. Still undecided but atleast in NYC Aarons does report. Just my two cents

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