What is the possibility of getting approved?

What is the possibility of getting approved?What is the possibility of getting approved?
Catherine Hogarth asked 5 years ago

My lease is up at the end of June and need to decide to continue renting or buy.  

My current income is 58,000 gross

I have a car loan with a balance of 3,000   390.00 per month

I have zero balance on 2 secured credit cards.  One of which I just opeded last month at the recommendation of a banker.

I have one charge off with capital one for 2800 which they offered me a settlement of 2000.  I am not sure if I should pay that now or wait.

I have a charge off with chase that was paid 

One collection account for 130 which was also paid 

I sent proof of payment and request to update or deleat to all Credit bureaus today.


My FICO 8 is  636  629  630

My FICO 2 is  640 647 and 652


FICO score is 636   629 and 630


Will the new credit card help my score? or hurt it?

Should I wait to try to get a pre approval until the credit bureaus review and update my delinquent accounts?

I also do have savings for downpayment.


Any advise would be greatly appreciated!  




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