Very odd… Discover

Very odd… DiscoverVery odd… Discover
LizzieMer asked 4 years ago

Hello Everyone:


So today I just noticed that Discover increased my credit limit from 1700 to 4200 nearly trippling my limit. My starting limit with them was 1000. I recieved two Automatic CL the first brought me to 1300 and the second to the 1700 mentioned above. A few weeks ago they denied me for a new discover card using the same FICO score as the one they used to give me this massive credit limit increase. I specifically asked Discover when it would be acceptable to apply for a new card and I was told it had to be a year later the discover credit analyst I spoke to (not CSR) told me the exact date to apply. I applied and was denied. Is anyone else witnessing massive discover increases just in time for the holidays. Also does anyone find it increadably odd that they would do this? I do. I mean the rejection letter seemed like they thought I was some reckless credit renegade and now they are almost trippling my previous limit without any involement from me. Perhaps there looking to get in on the fun? They also blew all of my previous credit limits with more credit liberal minded limits out of the water. I have an amex and citi both at 2k, Citi 3k, and two different BOA at 500 (I hate them). 


I’m really confused as to what happened here and am wondering if anyone else is noticing something similar or if anyone can help shed some light on this. It’s great news obviously and I’m happy about it just seems so incredably strange to me. Thanks. 










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