Ugh…Equifax Dispute results

Ugh…Equifax Dispute resultsUgh…Equifax Dispute results
subzopokatuff asked 4 years ago

I am so over them and their dispute process.


I settled my last collection back on 10/20 and the branch manager agreed to delete from all 3 reports. Well it was deleted from Transunion and Experian , but I didn’t know it wasn’t deleted from EQ until I applied for membership with Pen Fed (was approved) and I started applying for stuff and saw that my denial reason for the auto refinance was for open collections. UGH!!! So I called the collection company (which they typed out an agreement for settlement/deletion) and asked them what date they send the update to the credit bureaus. They lady stated 11/3. I check my Equifax  report and they updated my file on 11/7. So I called them and asked why didn’t they delete it like the others. They wouldn’t transfer me to a supervisor and told me I can dispute it (11/19). 


21 days later…


>>> We have researched the collection account. Account # − xxxxxxx The results are: This item has been updated to report as paid in full. Additional information has been provided from the original source regarding this item. If you have additional questions about this item please contact:


For one it wasn’t even paid in full so what are they talking about, and no it should have been deleted. Any advice on getting this removed? At this point I am thinking about just writing a complaint on BBB. It has worked in the past to get things deleted that should have been in the first place. 

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