TIDEWATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Argh

TIDEWATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Argh
asked 2 years ago

After a crazy last few months we were finally at the home stretch.  Then the VA appraisal happened.  We were just informed we were in the 48 hour tidewater initiative.  The agents are now rounding up comps to send off to the appraiser.  I know this has zero chance of affedting their decision but oh well.  Of course we have no idea how low the appraisal is.  It could be 1000 dollars or 50000 dollars.  Now I get to stress about this the whole weekend with my 30 day notice for leaving my lease coming up on Monday.


Has anyone gone through this and maybe tell me some ranges of how far off their appraisals were as compared to the purchase price.  I am wondering if it is even possible that they would do this for being 1000 off since they have the contract at the time of the appraisal.  Also if anyone could tell me what was the final resolution so that i can stress accordingly.  I am not going to overpay for the house but I am sure that the first thing the sellers will offer is to lower my closing cost contributions which I also dont want to do.  was anyone able to get the full unicorn outcome of the sellers dropping the purchise price to the appraised price and still cover closing costs.  Any insight would be appreciated.


p.s. my life sucks right now.

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