The next six months

The next six monthsThe next six months
Warrenseene asked 4 years ago

  Off a suggestion by this forum I will request a line increase on my Capital One Quicksilver as my 3rd statement is now open. I just made a payment so I will wait until that clears before going online and requesting one.


  Beyond that here’s what I wanted to do –


 1) Oct of 2015 (Next month) call up State Dept Federal Credit Union and ask for an unsecured card. That would be one full year with the secured card and no missed or late payments.


 2) Dec of 2015 exactly one year after getting my Capital One secured Platinum card; I wanted to apply for a Capital One Venture and move the balance ($ 300) over to that card, close the secured card since it doesn’t graduate and get back my balance.


 3) Take the $ 400 cash from my former secured cards and get a AeroMexico secured card + add another $ 100 to make it an even $ 500. Reason being this is one of the few travel points cards that is available as a secured card. I get a few perks out of it as well and since they fly through most of Latin and Central America I can build up points quickly with the travel plans I have been working on.


 My current scores are 661EX/610TU/620EQ



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