T-Mobile/Enhanced Recovery Collection

T-Mobile/Enhanced Recovery CollectionT-Mobile/Enhanced Recovery Collection
BorisDom asked 4 years ago


I am trying to buy a house and am in process and am having an awful experience with T-Mobile and need some guidance.  I had an account with T-Mobile for years but after moving to NC a year ago, the service was awful.  Called them and they sent me a cell spot tower which did not help.  In July I switched carriers, closed the account and sent them back the tower.  In October I get a call from the first collection agency saying I have a balance.  I refuse to pay them because I know I returned the tower through UPS with their shipping label.  I called T-Mobile and they agreed to open an investigation and remove me from collection.  They did that at the beginning of December and on December 7th adjusted me for the cell tower and said they would send me a new bill for teh remaining balance of $ 165.  I never received a bill from them and on January 15th, they sent me to Enhanced Recovery Co.


Fast forward to this past Thursday and I started getting alerts on Fico of a new collection account added.  I called Enhanced Recovery who said i had a balance of $ 165. They never sent me anything in the mail but the item just popped up on my report.  I paid it and they said that in 72 hours I can request a letter to update my accounts to paid in full with Equifax and Experian but it will not be deleted/removed.  


What can I do here to dispute and get this removed?  I think it is completely unfair since T-Mobile acknowledged they lost the tower originally and I never received a bill from T-Mobile or Enhanced Recovery.

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