Starting All over Again

Starting All over Again
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Hey guys, Been a long time lurker here but never posted.


wells i thought it was time to, A little bit information about my rebuild.



back in 2007 when i graduated high school, started a great job and 2 captial one cards with high limits. co sign 2 car loans for family without thinking about the problem later on. lets move foward to 2010, both family member could not pay the bill and end up getting repo. screw my credit up big time and now im working on building my credit back up.


FOR the longest time i wasn’t able to get anything, not evening a Secured Card. After working on a few baddies on my credit report and waiting for the repos to age down a bit.

Apply for a Cap1 one card 99/200 and has been upgrade to 500.


and just got an BOFA cash rewards 99/500

VicSec-1050 Limit



Best Buy Store card-800

Exonn Mobile Card-500

Amazon Store Card-400

Macys Store Card-600




credit utilization for all cards right now is sitting at 54% due to christmas around the corner and buying stuff for the family


2 car loans for me and my mom Nothing crazy 600 total a month



Scores are better  than they were 1 year ago thanks to this forum on the steps to take on getting back to aleast decent credit


ex-627 trans-608 equi-584


started with low 450 across the board a year ago.


I do have alot of Inquires due to trying to get a secured card almost 45. at this time im gardening for aleast a year pay off all balances for my cards by january


any advice on what to do next would be great!


My final Goal For Credit is to have aleast some major cards in my wallet.

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