So frustrated

So frustratedSo frustrated
Ernestacoub asked 4 years ago

My husband and I applied for a tribal section 184 loan.  Everything was great until the underwriter asked about our foreclosure.   We filed Ch7 in 2011 and this included our home that we hadn’t paid on for years.  We moved out of the house and to another state.  Here we are 5 years post bankruptcy, but apparently Bank of America waited another 2 1/2 years to start for closure on the home.  Due to this we are told we have to wait 3 years from that date which will be September 2016.  Our previous loan was conventional so it didn’t show up on CAIVRS. We are attempting an FHA loan with a waiver.  Still no word on that.  I’m just so mad!  For years we tried to get BofA to work with us and nothing.  Here we are still being punished.  I understand a waiting period post bankruptcy, but to wait longer because an entity I can’t control didn’t act swiftly…..I want to scream!

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