Should I Close Secured for new Unsecured?

Should I Close Secured for new Unsecured?
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I have a secured visa ($ 1500) with my credit union which happens to be my oldest account (2 years) I asked to see if it could be “unsecured” and they said I would have to apply and that they do not do PC (product change?) so it would be a new account with no history and I cannot keep both accounts. I was approved for an unsecured card with a $ 2000 limit.
So I would start with a new account and have $ 1500 to save from the old account.
Is it worth risking the history? how badly would my score be affected? (theoretically)

I have a total of 14 CC with 14k limits total and the next oldest account is 1yr 10 mths
I plan to buy a house in 6 to 12 mths so I dont want my score to go too low.

do not plan to have anymore inquiries or pulls until I buy a house

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