Secured Navy Federal Visa Updates? Unsecured?

Secured Navy Federal Visa Updates? Unsecured?
Neila asked 3 years ago

Hey Everyone,


I’m looking for any updates, or experience from anyone with a NFCU secured card, on card probably going unsecured?


I have a 800 secured card, for 14 statements already…I just called, and I was told cards get reviewed after 13 months, and if they don’t unsecure, it takes another 12 months.


I was approved for NFCU 5k Visa SL, in Sept.  So do I have any value in keeping this open?  I can’t get a second, unsecured, NFCU card, until I probably close this account?


I can get a BOA secured card…get my foot in the door…probably a little early?


Thank You.

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