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Rewards Points helpRewards Points help
BorisDom asked 4 years ago

Would someone kindly take the time to explain to me if there’s a “better” points system than others? The purpose of points are meant to be versatile correct?  Potentially more so than cash back? You can use them for gift cards, retailers and travel plans if I’m not mistaken. I’m a cash back fan myself, but I’ve my eye on the CSP/freedom when my current scores and cards age a bit more. I always thought cash back was best since I’m not a big restaurant or travel spender in general. If I did decide to travel more which I will be throughout this year and the next (which I went for the arrival+) I could just redeem my saved cash back as a statement credit. However, I know many people mentioning CSP as having a high yield when converting UR points to it and then to a travel partner or using the Chase portal. In my mind it does seem that it could be the best of both worlds…cash back or travel. My hang up is I know Amex uses member points and Citi uses thank you points. Are they all essentially the same thing? Does one typically give you a higher return on redemption than the others? Is there one points card that’s better than say needing two cards like the freedom/CSP to maximize spend categories? I don’t like the idea of an annual fee in general but for the right card it’s not such an issue. Lastly, are points cards truly better than cash back or is it simply based on the spender?


I only want these answers for general knowledge at the moment but for those that will want to ask, I consider myself a general spender because YTD based on Discover info my categories rank #1 Services $ 2600 (rent, bills, etc) #2 Merchandise/Retail $ 1300 #3 Restaurants $ 683 #4 Gas $ 430. All other categories are small values and my spend on my other 3 cards would barely make a few hundred dollar difference if that. I just now converted all spend to my Barclay for the bonus. Thanks in advance for any clarity

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