Rebuilding with CLI – Capital One Consolidation and PC

Rebuilding with CLI – Capital One Consolidation and PC
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Started rebuilding my credit in January after opening a Cap1 Platinum Mastercard (SL $ 300, now $ 1300) and Discover It Secured Card ($ 500, hopefully upgrades to an unsecured card in Jan 2016). Applied and was approved for the Cap1 Quicksilver One Card (SL $ 500, now $ 1500) in April. Requested a credit line increase for both Cap1 cards in early July and was approved. Received an additional CLI today for my mastercard as part of credit steps. My QS1 receives an automatic increase in 3 more months.


July was a great month! Was also approved for Bloomingdales ($ 800) and Nordstrom ($ 300). Feeling great about my rebuilding journey in only 7 months. Can’t wait to consolidate both my Cap1 cards after my QS1 hits 6 months. By then, I should have over a $ 3000 total limit for Cap1. I’ve read that their Venture One must have at least a limit of $ 3000. After consolidation, will it possible to PC to their Venture One?

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