Rebuilding score – debts paid

Rebuilding score – debts paidRebuilding score – debts paid
richeventyar asked 4 years ago

I’m new here but have a few questions. In December of 15 I pulled my credit report for the first time in advance of wanting to purchase a home. I had several collections accounts and two charge offs. Throughout December and January I paid off 100% of my debt including charge offs. I got several collection agencies to remove. I disputed everything and everything has been resolved and reported accurately (as accurate as can be I guess) – I sent 3 letters to have old late payments removed and the charge offs removed. 1 flat out said no and the others are still considering. I have a 7yr old credit card with low Ballance to CL and just got added to a family members 5yr old card with a perfect record as well as a large CL and low balance. Is there anything I can do from here to increase my score? I also have a auto payment in good standing. Stuck @ 630’s need 640’s.


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