Rebuilding need advice

Rebuilding need advice
asked 2 years ago

I have been rebuilding my credit since may/2015. I started out with credit scores in the low 500’s. I would like to start applying for a mortgage in May/2016. I was told that banks like to see mix credit. I recently applied for a preapproval officer from Merrick Bank for $ 400.00  on 10/11 and I just recently was approved on 10/16 for a Boa credit card for $ 2500. This is the first approval since my charged off from Lane Bryant. Before, last week I only had installation loans  for my car note and student loan totaling $ 643.00a month.  Some of the baddies I have is one charged off that I settled with Comenity bank /Lane Bryant and my car note  I have 5 30 day lates. I have been paying on time for the last 10 months my car note. My student loan I have never missed a payment. I wrote Comenity Bank a good will letters his week to get the charged  off removed. My credit scores are as followed:


Fico8 : 657  Equifax  score 10/15  increased once Merrick Bank reported on  10/15

Fico8: 626   experian it probably much higher since I got a new trade account on 10/15

Fico8: 559. Trans union. It probably much higher since I got new trade account  on 10/16


My number of inquires are as follow:


Experian: 3

Equifax: 8. One due to fall off on 10/21

Transunion: 6


Credit approvals

Merrick Bank: $ 400 will increased to $ 800 after my 7th  payment . Applied on 10/11 reported to credit agencies on 10/15

Bank of America : $ 2,500 applied on 10/15


American Express denied on 10/17


Still pending Capital one applied on 10/11 . My Equifax has a fraud alert they need to call me to verified information. I may get approved for the Quick silver card


At this point  should I stop applying now for credit cards.  Will  having a lot inquires be looked at bad when applying for a mortgage.




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