Really equifax, really..?

Really equifax, really..?Really equifax, really..?
dwEts asked 4 years ago

Equifax must be really sensitive. So as usual I allow only one account to show a balance of below 10% each month. Well all mine did this, but by accident I charged $ 20 to my Barclays card a few days after I paid it off in full. It reported a $ 20 balance. In turn equifax dropped only its score 3 points saying your account increased by 100%.

I’m not worried about the 3 point decrease, but really? It was like 2% utilization of that card… I thought it was strange tho because when I allow my capital one cards report it says your balance has increased by 1000-1100% with no decrease at all.

They must be really sensitive in general. Any ways lesson learned. They shall see no future balances from me remaining. Just thought this was very odd.

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