Question about AMEX Offers

Question about AMEX OffersQuestion about AMEX Offers
Bsaiierapi asked 4 years ago

So I have two AMEX cards of my own (BCE, PRG) and two that I am an AU on (ED, SPG). 


I get these AMEX offers that I’ve used in the past (mostly on my BCE). I’m sure most of you with AMEX cards also like these offers. They tend to give back 10-20% in immediate credit (and sometimes points).


I’ve always wondered why they send travel offers on my non-travel cards (Enterprise deal $ 20 off $ 200 or more on ED, Delta $ 100 off $ 500 or more on BCE and ED, etc.) and never on my travel cards (PRG or SPG) but that’s not my real question.


My question is this:


I get the same offer on multiple cards. All my four cards are now on the same username.


The fine print on most of these offers say “limited to one per AMEX online account.” (not limited to one cardholder, mind it)


For folks who have multple AMEX cards (and there are many here), how do you get the deals on more than one cards?


I know how to add them. Just open multiple tabs and get all the cards loaded at the same time.


But I haven’t used the same offer on multiple cards (either didn’t have that particular offer on multiple card, or didn’t have one so good so far). But the current Staples offer looks yummy and would like to use it on more than one card.


Does it go through regardless? Or do I need to remove the other cards and load them on new online accounts i.e. username / password?



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