Pre quallified for Chase advice please

Pre quallified for Chase advice pleasePre quallified for Chase advice please
eeyowidoego asked 4 years ago

 Im looking for advice.. 

I am planning to refinance my auto loan in mid to late may. 

Would i be making a huge mistake by applying for another credit card?

I just went to chase websie to see if i was pre qualified for a card and it says that im qualified for chase freedom and slate.

Im excited about having a new card other than capial one. 




Fingerhut  $ 70/900 Opened 11/2015

Overstock $ 164/ 350 Opened 11/2015

Victoria Secret $ 0/1200 Opened 2/2015

Kay Jewellers $ 115/900 Opened 4/2012

Capital One Platinum Secured  $ 165/500   Opened 8/2014

Capital One Platinum Unsecured $ 380/1500   Opened 11/2015

Lumber Liquidators $ 380/1500 Opened 3/2016

Personal Loan $ 40/500 Opened 5/2015

Auto Loan $ 12,015/13500  19% apr  Opened 8/2015


I currently have 8-10 Inquires 

Average Age of Accounts 1 year 2 months

No late payments 

1 account in collections $ 600 from 2012


Current credit score is 643 (vintage 3)


Of course most importantly i need to refinance my car so if this will be very harmful to my credit than i wont go for the chase. Hopefully i can still be prequalified after i refinance. 


Also can anyone tell me what kind of results i can expect on my credit profile once my small personal loan of 500$ will be complete? 



I dont believe i have a ho shot with the slate card as the prequal says but maybe i can get the Chase freedom 


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