PNC Secured – Can’t get unsecured?

PNC Secured – Can’t get unsecured?PNC Secured – Can’t get unsecured?
Williekek asked 4 years ago

The first credit card I got was a secured card through PNC. I gave them $ 300 and I have a $ 300 limit. I now have 3 other credit cards, and decent credit scores (732 FICO on Discover). I wanted to convert my PNC secured card to unsecured, and get my $ 300 back. I called their credit analyst line today, and he told me that I would have to apply for a seperate card (unsecured card) through PNC to get it unsecured. But wouldn’t that mean that I would have to open a whole new credit card, get another credit inquiry, AND have to close my PNC secured card. Which I don’t want to do, because I haven’t even had my PNC secured card for 24 months yet, and I want to carry that credit for at least 24 months. 


So I guess my question is, am I understanding this guy correctly? Should I just keep it secured, and then after 24 months of having it, close it up? It’s just having this secured card, and them having my $ 300 bugs me lol.


Thanks for the help everyone.


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