***Please read VERY IMPORTANT***

***Please read VERY IMPORTANT******Please read VERY IMPORTANT***
MangosteenMew asked 4 years ago

Not sure if you guys knew, but if already posted, I apologize:


So just got off the phone with Capital One and after asking some questions I had regarding points, she said that starting September 15th 2015, you WILL NOT be able to transfer points from Venture to Venture.


Reason why I asked:


I have a $ 453 balance on my first Venture card, my plan was to meet the spending on my second Venture card, transfer the 46,000 points into my first Venture card and do a purchase eraser to pay it off (it has to be a travel transaction to use this feature).  CSR said I can do that but it has to be done before 9/15/2015.


ill meet my spending at the end of August with no problem.  On my first Venture, the bonus showed 5 days after meeting th spending.  I will have just enough time to do this.


Thought I shared.


Also, she said my QS had an offer to upgrade to WEMC back in January 2015…I didn’t know so that sucks!!! Told her Cap1 should send email notifications when a new offer is available.  She’s said “we are working on it”


There is an option to check for offers once you log in to your account.  You all should go check.  I did have another offer which I took. I have a balance of $ 2450 on my first Venture, transferred only $ 2000 to my QS1 for 0% APR for 18 months.  I left the $ 450 balance on there to pay it off with purchase eraser like I mention above. I already had a $ 850 balance on the QS before the balance transfer. So the way it works is: Once the balance transfer is complete and posted, and when I make a payment on the QS, the minimum payment goes towards the balance transfer amount (in this case towards my $ 2000) and the rest towards then QS original balance.


So if my minimum payment is $ 50 and I pay $ 500, $ 50 goes towards the $ 2000 balance transfer and $ 450 towards the QS.  You can’t transfer a balance from Cap1 to Cap1 so the lady had to do a no hassle check mail to me (also available for you to do online). I then have to deposit the check into my chase checking account then make a $ 2000 payment towards to Venture.  My QS already shows the $ 2000 transaction on my QS.  The fee was 3%, so only paid $ 60 fee for the $ 2000 transfer.


Keep checking your account, you might have an offer and you don’t know about it.



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