OK EXPERTS! What do you think I should do?

OK EXPERTS! What do you think I should do?OK EXPERTS! What do you think I should do?
Daursessy asked 4 years ago

Hi Everyone.    OK, so from August of this year till tod, my scores have gone as follow.


 EQ-523 to 667, EX -526 to 684 and TU-524 to 655.  


I just opened a capital one Platinum card  ($ 300) at the beginning of August and a QS1 ($ 500) at the end of August.   I hit the luv button for the both the Platinum and QS1 after the second statement and was was bumped up to $ 800 and $ 1500 respectively.   In October, I applied for an Auto loan through capital one and was give the max of $ 40000 but only used $ 22000 of it to finance a new car.  The downside of that is, the dealership ran my credit to about 10 different lenders trying to find a better APR than 4.1% (big mistake).   I took a few hits but my scores are those above.  As of today, I upgraded my platinum card to a QS card with cash rewards.    


I have a collection account on my TU only for $ 311.   Should I apply for anything else to maximize my credit scores and if so what do would you recommend?




  1. Quicksilver One $ 1500 (credit steps, third statement)
  2. Quicksilver-$ 800 n(credit steps, 4 statement)
  3. Capital One Auto – $ 22000


Any help is greatly appreciated. 


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