Not happy with Barclay — close Arrival Plus?

Not happy with Barclay — close Arrival Plus?
asked 3 years ago

DH and I each have our own Arrival Plus card with $ 20K limit each, opened in 11/2014.  We have a major trip coming up and DH called and notified them of an upcoming charge from an out of country travel agent.  When the travel agent went ahead to process, the charge was declined.  He called again, and they approved it.   There were some changes and additional charge.  He called Barclay again.  The charge was declined again.  I understand that they would decline a large out of country charge if we didn’t call, but we did. By then, we went ahead and used the B of A Travel Rewards. 


With my card, I logged in one day and noticed my credit card # was different.  I didn’t get any email notification or fraud alert at all.  Apparently, they are sending me a new card because of suspected fraud.  I’m not sure what suspected fraud it was since I never received an alert.  Now I’m not sure I can trust taking either Barclay Arrival + cards to use out of the country without triggering fraud alerts.  If we have already called them and they still declined the charges, what if they decline while we’re out of the country? 


We have other no foreign transaction fee cards, even if we don’t take the Arrival + with us.  However, my confidence in Barclays is very lacking.  DH wants to reduce the card to Arrival instead, but I’m leaning towards just closing the cards and perhaps replacing them with another card. 




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