NFCU Refinancing Experiences

NFCU Refinancing Experiences
asked 2 years ago

Hi All,


First, wanted to say thanks to everyone that has posted about their home-buying/mortgage experiences here. I have gained tons of valuable information and have been lurking for quite a while.


Now to cut to the chase, I was wondering if anyone could chime in about their experience working with NFCU. I have read several threads about how they have been great to work with throughout the purchasing experience, and I was wondering specifically if anyone has refinanced with them recently? What were the closing costs like?? How was the rate that they offered you?


I am a little interested in their underwriting standards as well. Is it as simple as thinking if you have above a 740 middle mortgage score, that you will get their lowest advertised rate? Or is that just wishful thinking?


My wife and I both have perfect payment history on our credit reports, no collections, no lates, no missed payments, etc. However, we both have very limited credit experience. My oldest account is three years old, and hers is only a year old. Even with such a limited credit history, will we be able to obtain a solid refinance rate if our scores are above 740?


We have both been out of school for a little more than a year now, but both worked in our current jobs before we graduated. She’s been with the same company for over 2 years at this point, and I have been in my current job for 1.5 years. Our combined income is about $ 90k, we have an FHA mortgage through US Bank that we are agressively paying down (currently at about $ 103k, houses are super cheap where we live). I haven’t pulled our mortgage scores yet and I won’t for another couple months till we have a good amount saved up for closing costs, but our Discover cards puts our FICO 8 score at around 750 each. 


Any personal experiences that you have to share will be much appreciated!



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