news accounts and credit scores

news accounts and credit scores
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so i went on a bit of a spree this month. my wife got a CSP card and added me as an AU so i got the itch and applied for and was instantly approved for citi double cash, discover it, and amex gold prg. all the new stuff isn’t reporting yet, but my EQ score dropped like 28 points! it looks like on one inquiry went to EQ, no negs, so i’m guessing the AAOA combined with the single inquiry is pulling the score down. any other ideas? should get updated scores from EX  tomorrow. that one will probably dropped, too, because i think citi and amex both pulled EX. before the apps, all scores were within a point or three of 760, fico 08 of 802. 


i know the scores will bounce back over the next 6-12 months, but the excitement of getting some new cards is now turning into a little bit of anxiety. anyway, let me know what you think about such a large change in my EQ score. I assume a similar drop will happen w/ my EX, and I’m thinking it must have to do w/ my AAOA falling by about a 1-1.5 years to about 3.5-4 years.

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