New Wells Fargo CC coming in June 2016

New Wells Fargo CC coming in June 2016
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Wells Fargo is coming out with a new card called the “Cash Wise” card. It’s going to be 1.5% on all purchases and then 1.8% on all Apple Pay purchases as an intro promo for 12 months (1.5% after that). It will be available as a Visa and Visa Signature with credit score and income being the deciding factors in determining which card you should apply for.


I think the card’s design is OK… i like the Cash Back card’s current design, i’m not a fan of yellow but thats just me. Im sure they will run a combination of 0% intro APR and Balance Transfer options, and they have all those Visa and Visa Sig. benefits and features.


I’m still not shure if this is replacing the original “Cash Back” card or will be in addition to it, but I think its replacing it. I’m not surprised this card is coming out from WF with Chase releasing the new Freedom Unlimited Visa and Citi’s killer Double Cash MC.

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