New to the U.S. – Good ways to build a credit score?

New to the U.S. – Good ways to build a credit score?
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Hello everyone,


So I moved to the U.S. roughly 3 months ago after a good 19 years in Italy (I did 7 in Chicago when I was a child though). I am now in the process of building my life here, and it is certainly not made easy given the fact I literally have NO credit hisotry in this country. 


I am in the process now of buying a car – and trust me, the down payments they throw at me because of this little issue are simply disgusting Smiley Sad None-the-less, I am buying a car, not only because I NEED one, but what better way to start building a credit rating than owing someone thousands of dollars (and paying on time, of course)? Smiley Very Happy


Any suggestions on other smaller steps I could take to build a credit rating? I am currently thinking of getting a small cap credit card, though I forsee my total lack of credit history might hinder that. Smiley Tongue


Thanks for anything you can throw at me!

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